Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to seduce your Male Boss to win Favor

Seducing any man is not difficult for any women. But if he is your boss and you have to win favor or you want fast promotion, then it sometimes becomes difficult. It is also equivalent to career suicide. It needs a lot of luck and courage to do so.

Getting a favor from the boss is always difficult for an employee, but somehow it is not very difficult for a woman employee, if your boss is a male. You can seduce your boss if you are willing to take the risk. Pay attention to the signals he sends; then if the time is right, make your move and enjoy the ride.

Here are a few tips how you can seduce your male boss and win favor:

• Always be in the good books of your boss. Time to time ask about his likes and dislikes. Flirt often when he is in flirting mood. Often go to his cabin when he is alone and free.

• You can also arrive early before any other of your colleagues and stay late when your colleagues leave for their homes. By doing this you can get extra time to stay close to your boss all alone. Ask your boss to drop you at your place. While on the way you can seduce him.

• You can invite your boss for dinner after work and when he arrived you can welcome him giving him a side cheek Kiss and warm hug. Before dinner you can prepare some drinks for him with light music in the background.

• A woman who works for a powerful boss might see herself gaining in personal status if she makes herself available to him in more than a purely business capacity. Being friendly with your boss is in your best interest, but some women go too far in this direction and put out signals that are taken as sexual ones.

There is always competition going on to gain the boss's favor, and some women use a variety of techniques to win the game. Some bosses are attracted to their female employees because they do the attracting, whether consciously or not.

Be honest with yourself about the consequences before you move forward to the next steps of seducing your boss. For sure if you seduce your boss like the above mentioned points, your boss would certainly promote you and you will win the favor.


  1. You should be comfortable and positive as this will reflect on your face and influence your body language to a great extent as well.

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  2. Be also ready to face aftermath as these sort of relations gets broken easily and early.